Planning, Site Design, Surveying, Environmental Services

Offering services for municipal, residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout NH.

Services Include

• Boundary Surveys
• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
• Subdivisions
• Certified Plot Plans
• Condominium Site and Floor Plans
• GPS Control Surveys (centimeter accuracy)
• GPS Surveys (sub-meter)
• Construction Stakeout
• Topgraphic Surveys

• Detail Surveys
• Septic System Design Plans
• Witness Test Pits
• Percolation Tests
• Flood Plain Elevation Certicates
• Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) applications to FEMA
• Existing Condition Plans
• Aerial topography Control Surveys
• Easement Surveys
• Conceptual Development Plans
• Lot Line Adjustment Plans
• Boundary Line Agreement Plans


Planning functions are performed througout the project by design profesionals.

Site Design

Civil Engineering is an integral part of subdivision and site design


Surveyors provide boundary and topographic surveys, computations and construction layouts.

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